Everything you want to know about requesting custom songs and more...

Once we receive your order your song is created and delivered within 5 business days. If you have not received your song within 5 business days please check your spam/junk folder. If not, please reach out to us.

Once our artists have completed your custom song, you will receive an email of completion with a link to your song with track and lyrics along with artist information.

Our artists write, produce and mix the entire song in the same session so we are not able to offer back and forth feedback. You can trust that your song is being created with all of the details you have provided.

Our songs tend to be between 2:30-3:00min in length and each song comes with 2 verses and a chorus. The structure consists of: verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus. For an additional fee, you can add on another verse or bridge to make the song longer if you would like.

Each song is created based off of the customers personalized details and preferences upon purchase. Every song is carefully reviewed by our creative music team to ensure that you are getting the song you envisioned. Our creative team assigns the perfect artist to your project to bring your song to life.

All of our artists work very hard to ensure a 5 business day turnaround time with high quality work. Once we receive your order, our team reviews it, selects your artist and sends it off quickly. We are unable to issue a refund once your song is in progress as we have to pay our artists for their work on your song whether it is finished or not.

If you would like to use the song commercially,  please reach out to our team contact@songbirdcity.com and we will be able to discuss our terms. 

At this time, we cannot accept additional details once your song is in progress. Please make sure to include all of the details for your personalized song upon purchase. Our custom music production process works very hard and quickly to ensure our 5 day deadline so you can receive your song on time.

No. Because of copyright laws with existing music, we are not able to remake or re-record any existing song

We strive to make your song everything you dreamed of the first time around. Our artists make sure to create the perfect song for you and your loved one or friend. We understand how personal these songs are and if we misinterpreted or pronounced something incorrectly, please send us an email at contact@songbirdcity.com and we would love to adjust those fixes with you and your artist at no cost to you.

However, we want your end product to be everything you envisioned. If there is a personal preference revision that you would like to make to your song, we offer those at an additional fee to compensate the artist. The revisions start at $25 depending on the revision that is needed. We would be happy to quote you an amount once we deliver your song.

Some examples Include:

  • You changed your mind about including the names or occasion in the lyrics.
  • You forgot to provide important details and part of the song needs to be changed.
  • Wanting to change the genre/style you chose
  • Changing the vocalist gender of the song
  • Wanting to add more instrumentation to the song

We also offer the ability to add on additional verses to make the song longer when purchasing your song.

At this time, we only offer songs in English.

At this time, we are unable to use your poems and lyrics into songs. But we can ensure you will love the product that our artists create from your personalized details.

You are granted a “limited use license” for your custom song. As long as you’re not making it money from it, you can use the song on your personal social media channels, personal wedding video, or share with anyone you’d like!

 Our songwriters own the copyright to the songs they create.

Of course! Each of our artists work very hard to ensure your dream song is created. Each tip that is given goes 100% to the writer! We are passionate about helping our community of local Nashville songwriters.

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