Bri Fletcher

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Bri Fletcher was born and raised in TX on gospel music in the church where she learned her love for singing and performing. At the age of 12 she started playing guitar and writing songs. Fast forward 15 years down the road and she has accomplished so much moving to Nashville and doing music full time. As a pop-country artist Bri writes every day for herself and other artists. Her debut EP “chapter one” has a combined 3 million streams. She has collaborated and released songs with artists like Jake Hoot, Sammy Arriaga, Song House, April Kry, Brailey Lenderman, Katie Austin and so many others. Bri strives to write songs about real life with a vulnerable approach and catchy melody.

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“We are so grateful to Sarah and Katelyn and Derek for our family’s custom song. They exceeded our expectations! This song was a PERFECT reflection of who we are as a family, and I know it is one that we will play for years (and hopefully) generations to come. Everyone at Songbird City has used their talents to help bring to life our heart for each other as husband and wife, our children and our faith, and I am so grateful.”

~ Jeremy Swafford ~

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Bri Fletcher